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Circle B Bar Reserve Trail Closures

Polk County’s Parks and Natural Resources Division announced that the Marsh Rabbit Run Trail and a portion of the Alligator Alley Trail at Circle B Bar Reserve will be temporarily closed until further notice due to alligator mating season. Alligators often become territorial and protective of their nests and young during this time of year.

Circle B Bar Reserve is a 1,267-acre Polk County and Southwest Florida Water Management District Environmental Land site located on the northwest shores of Lake Hancock in Central Polk County. Visitors can still access the dock on Lake Hancock by hiking the Shady Oak trail to Alligator Alley. Signs will be posted at the beginning of the trail informing the public the trail is closed.

The recent trail closings are necessary for the safety of our visitors and resident wildlife. Some trails may be periodically closed on any environmental land site for management and safety reasons.

Map of Circle B Trails that are closed

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Polk’s Environmental Lands Program acquires, preserves, protects, manages and restores endangered and environmentally sensitive lands, water resources, and important wildlife habitats. Acquired properties are used for passive outdoor recreational purposes provided that such uses will not disturb or degrade the environmental quality for which the site was acquired.

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